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Hopscotch? Anyone has read this book? Yes, by the very Argentine Julio Cortzar. Let me begin my new blog with something very interesting about this book. For those who hasn't read a line of this masterpiece, Cortazar begins giving the reader two ways to read his book in a "table of instructions: passive or active reader, the one who reads a plot and get his own conclusions or the one who takes part of the plot and modify the results. Whichever your choice might be, the argument of the novel as long as the plot is going to change. Weird, isn't it?. He even mentions that the reader must ignore 99 chapters in order to keep going. He plays with you and your role in his novel. It's masterfully achieved.

My point. I have been told that writing a blog nowadays is difficult and requires engaging content and consistency.. and a lot of social media if you're going for the fashion blogger title. I don't say that is not entirely true, but I think what it becomes really tough it's to make the people read AGAIN. Everything is about how fast you can get this or that information -I'm not even going to mention when the internet stops working for about 1 minute- and it's because of it we forget how great is to Taste everything we read. Believe me I have seen so many AMAZING blogs that are famous for the absence of followers, and then it makes me think if it there's any purpose in leaving a piece of your mind in a myriad of internet content. Well, I certainly do not know the answer, but my dear followers, I promise you this blog is not just going to be about taking egocentric and vivacious pictures of myself with trendy clothes, this blog will be about elaborate a better understanding of fashion through more thoughtful perspectives. It's reading fashion in different ways, tasting the images and make it worth. Which kind of readers are you planning to be? Shall we? Let's start.

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