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Milan Fashion Week SS/2015: Dolce & Gabbana

Day 1
Milan Fashion Week SS 2015
Dolce & Gabbana 

Source: Dolcegabbana.com

With the prelude of Bizet's Carmen and the huge red catwalk traversing the Metropol theatre, Dolce & Gabbana made clear that Spain and its traditional spectacle of bullfighting will embrace the whole spring/summer 2015 collection. The whole collection began with different Matador style jackets ornamented with different pattern of embroidery and colors resembling the suit of lights used by Matadors, Picadors and rejoneadors in the bullring. Cropped tight pants, sandals and flat slippers  accompanied most of the looks and never losing the essence of the whole bullfighting idea. Prints were everywhere - we are talking about D&G, remember? -from spanish roses and bulls to virgin Mary images were surfacing the elegant and fully ornamented tuxedos to the extravagant sweatshirts and t-shirts of the sportswear collection. Red is the new black according to them!

My opinion: First of all, I must say although this is a really beautiful collection with the color that I hate most, I was expecting more from Dolce and Gabbana in terms of innovation and creativity for the menswear collection. We have seen an array of shows where these duo hold themselves to a historic place or a mediterranean epoque and transform that idea into a well-executed fashion show, with the right colors, the right fabrics and, as always, the right models. But I think we already saw the splendor of that ability in past runways and it is time to be more risky! The flower pattern trend which is always present in menswear designers catwalks (Gucci, DVN, Prada, Valentino) is a safe card to play for marketing and eye catch for many. However, the overuse and repetitiveness is a double-weapon sword that Dolce&Gabbana are extensively applying to their fashion shows. The modern man is demanding something different! And I know this is just a catwalk to show inspiration and technique, which both are really obvious to the naked eye; becoming mundane comparing to what this excellent designers can do!

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