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Hazy, Lazy, Blue!

H A Z Y    L A Z Y     B L U E 

Did you know that blue and yellow don't make green? Theoretically when you mix pure yellow and pure blue colors, the yellow color absorbs everything but yellow light (in this case, the blue light too) and so does the blue color. The result is dark gray. So, if the mixture of blue and yellow makes green, they are not pure primary colors then!. A very interesting thought taken from Michael Wilcox book. Back to the post. Since the matching-blazers-with different-pants era for menswear is still on fire, the color-coordinating rule tell us that you don't match soft tones with other soft tones and hard with hard in order to get a great result. Recently, Pantone Fashion report for spring 2014 mentions how designers decided to take a modern twist to spring colors by pairing soft and warm pastels colors with vivid brights.  Following that color equilibrium, I mixed a comfrey color cropped tight jeans with a dazzling blue jacket and balancing the transition with a leathery bag. Adding neutral colors to very bright colors are perfect to amalgamate the explosion of summerish colors. I think I kinda beat that color-coordination rule demonstrating that you have to give it a try instead of following concise and structured patterns. Not my best outfit so far, but still, an eclectic taste for summer outfits.

ZARA Blazer and green pants BENSIMON hawaiian shirt EL BURGUES shoes

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  1. I've read some where in an article that blue is the most wanted and likable color in the world.also you'r looking so stylish and decent.I really like your coat. thanks for sharing