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From Australia with love, Aesop!


Photo: courtesy of Aesop
Walking down on one of the multiple iron stairs in the always-packed Newbury street, you will find an intimate and tranquil space ornamented with different sizes of brown apothecary bottles placed on white articulated oak shelves - it reminds me immediately of the Jenga game. This is the spirit of the Aesop newbury store. For those who haven't heard about it, Aesop is not only synonym of the greek storyteller but Australia's most successful beauty product company. Dennis Paphitis, Melbourne native and son of greek hairdressers, founded in 1987 the skin care company. The delightful fragrance of their products combined with powerful plant-based ingredients -Geranium leaf, Orange grind, parsley and blackcurrant seeds among others - make a healthy and attractive combination to all the beauty devotees. Something really interesting is that words such as "organic" or "natural" are not mentioned in any pamphlet or descriptive tags. The reason: Aesop worries most about providing the highest quality ingredients than create a marketing campaign based on the provenance of their products. However, it is not only the content of the amber glass bottles what makes aesop really popular but the enormously creative architecture of every single boutique. Okay, Let's cut to the chase and "top 5" the must-haves aesop products: 

If you are in Boston, I would highly encourage you to visit this beautiful boutique, try some samples - or at least to check its website www.aesop.com - and have a 5 star client attention by Yuki Chong, the manager of the Newbury st store!      

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