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What We learned from Jimmy Choo: Shoe trend alert!

It has been approximately 2 months since Jimmy Choo fashion show SS/2015 was creating so much expectation in London. Let me contextualize the evening. Designer Kit Harington decided to create an  elevated wooden platform which replaced the normal  where all the looks were horizontally aligned with the models shoes. Black and white pictures were surrounding the catwalk and emphasizing the idea that this fashion show was going to be more a...Shoe Show.  And It was more than just a great shoe collection but a new shoe alert to all the fashionistas out there that presume a bigger shoe closet than Carrie Bradshaw. 
1. Jimmy Choo designed shoes that won't be slippery on wood tiles. Models DID strut the catwalk like they mean it; you are supposed to do the same in the street. 
2. If it doesn't shine, Do not wear it. Gold reflective High top sneakers can be an option.
3. Stud for Studs. Edgy fashion involves studs and spikes. Metal hardware is all over the runways and Mr. Choo knew how eye candy a studded pair of shoes would look on any window store. 
4. Apparently, we are shortening for some reason. Global warming, perhaps?. So, the statement is add a little heel to those common shoes or wear platform shoes -Prada style-! Don't be afraid, believe or not, high heels were an essential accessory for men in east and west Europe around 16th and 17th century!
Buy them.
Wear them.
Rock them.


Han pasado aproximadamente 2 meses desde que el fashion show de Jimmy Choo SS/2015 generó mucho revuelo y expectativa en Londres! Los contextualizaré en la velada. El diseñador Kit Harrington decidió crear una plataforma elevada que reemplazara la pasarela normal, dónde todas las miradas fueron dirigidas hacia los zapatos. Además, diferentes imagenes en blanco y negro estaban rodeando todo el catwalk y remarcando la idea de que este desfile de moda iba a ser un desfile de zapatos. 

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