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New York Vs. London: Jeremy Scott and Burberry


We have all been caught up in all the hectic Spring Summer 2015 fashion weeks around the world and the ephemeral runways that seem never to stop. However, Mr Pizazz is trying to handpick the most outstanding looks for our male audience. In one corner we have the American and multitalented fashion designer Jeremy Scott . In the other, the iconic british luxury fashion house Burberry. Let's do a brief recap.

Jeremy, Jeremy. If you happen to be in the street and all of the sudden you are blinded by an explosion of colors, floral-power sweatshirts and unusual kooky glued-up toys wore as necklaces, you are witnessing Jeremy's latest collection "psychedelic jungle" - or you are just simply through a gay parade. 
It's a very welcome back to 60's. Spare no color. It was a burst of energy no doubt, the Shrek designs were hilarious (and they're available online!). From the point of view of tailoring, people might say it was just a couple of tees and shiny pants; but from the fashion point of view he executed a well-done theme imprinting Scott's mark in every single detail. I'd say Jeremy knows how to have fun with fashion and not afraid to show it. It's becoming more entertaining. He embraces the pop artist label, the extravagant stylings and the avant-garde title nowadays!

Designers are taking springtime very seriously and not leaving any color in the backstage. Burberry Prorsum displayed a vivid and rich amalgam of clothes for SS 2015 "The Birds and the Bees". Menswear was no different from last collection, I must say, but the rainbow sneakers and the variations on the classic burberry trench coat with bee patterns were the highlight points of the show. The hand painted bags are to die for. Casual evening wear would describe this collection. Again, Burberry showed us that having the whole color wheel in your wardrobe is fun and edgy and it will always be trendy without losing the gentleman touch. 

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