The Pizazz Fold

octubre 19, 2014

The Pizazz Fold

Pockets squares, like hats, must be worn with nonchalance. Pocket squares or pochette seem to be making a comeback in men's fashion - not that they are an unexpected item in fashion venues. An outfit can be unconsciously tagged as "sophisticated" even if you are pulling off a doodle-themed pochette. It's well known that no man left home without a silk pocket square on their jacket's breast pocket around 1900s. Eventually their association with elegance was reasserted from Luis XIV until 20th century. A pocket square should not match one's shirt or tie directly by then. This trend died out in the early 1940's and the compliment with the shirt began to take an important part in Men's fashion bible. Don Draper and Chuck Bass taught us an important lesson about match and style and how to be resourceful when it comes to colors, textures and types of fabric - linen pocket square with satin silk tie!. However, in the past few years they're gaining a momentum for being used "indiscriminately" on let's say, sport coats with T-shirts underneath and omitting the color coordination rule. Is this resurgence a one way ticket to hell for the elegant and luxurious pocket square (yes, they can cost up to 50 usd!)??? No. Chill. They are hip again but the rule has changed -again. The match requirement is over; as Mr pozzoli said "It's better to match with the socks than a tie". It is part of the mixing up movement, where labels and technicalities fall apart to describe somebody else's attire. Two tips: The pocket square frame speaks by itself; pay attention to those details and, it is highly recommendable to have a white one in your wardrobe, it's a safety net. What about the folds? 5 famous folds and the choice you make depends on your taste. Classic fold, Pesko fold, Puff fold, Crown fold and Flower fold. I went for my own invention and made it as casual as I could:puffy and two tips up, the Pizazz fold.

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