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London Collections: Men 2015 Part 1


We are thrilled of sensing the fashion adrenaline in the air in the first month of 2015. Over 70 and british menswear designers participate in this crowded and fantastic event that every [male] fashionista set their eyes on. It is also a showcase for new talents in the fashion industry. Let's begin with our favorite: Moschino.


Where to start...Jeremy Scott did something delightful but I must say confusing. Don't hate me yet Scott fans but there were so MANY things to see in one runway and so many details to look at that only few outfits stuck in your mind at the end of the show. Winter in wonderland seemed to be the scenario for this animal/floral print stravaganza. Either fur or hawaiian prints, oversized coats was something that Mr Scott highlighted during the whole show. We love when Moschino speaks Oversized. The light washed-denim-printed coats and pants were the less ecstatic of the entire collection but added a subtle [and commercial] sense of "Yes, this is a Fall/Winter collection" and personally one of my favorites. The patchwork overuse was beautifully achieved. Knitted coats and pants in this fluffy patchwork made all these garments dreamy. Plaid skorts, onesies, fluffly lumberjackets popped up with mixes of dalmatian and leopard fur. 

Jeremy Scott ideas always go beyond the clothes. This time he is selling us the perfect winter vacation on the Alpes or Aspen where bared-chested-6-packed skiing instructors will give us a fashionista treatment. Definitively not for everybody!


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