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Street Style Meet Mert

S T R E E T 




A new year has arrived! Welcome everybody to our new spotted blogger from Istanbul, Mert Uzgec.

1.  What's the fashion scene - in particular menswear - where you live?.
I live in Izmir, Turkey. Men's fashion is natural to me and that's because I was taught that every single man should take care of his clothes. Men always choose simple but elegant and that has been a great influence on me.

2. What's a fashion rule you never break?
For me the most important is to impress people while wearing something really comfortable. That is really hard!. Also, your eyes say a lot about you. Try to smile with your eyes as they stand out as any other accessory.

3. What's your must-do ritual?
Drinking coffee is a must. If you wanna start a fresh day, you gotta drink a good cup of coffee every morning.

4. What's your favorite song stuck in your head now?
My favorite I see Fire by Ed Sheraan.

5. Name one thing you can't live without?
I definitively can't live without doing sport. Stay healthy is one of my mantras. Social media is becoming my new thing, so I do it daily.

Don't forget to follow Mert on Instagram (@mertuzgec) and check his lookbook page at http://lookbook.nu/mertuzgec

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