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Paris Fashion Week: Instagram Recap


Here we have the 8 best moments from Paris Fashion Week 2015.

1. Bonjour Chez Brasserie Gabrielle
Delevigne and Jenner hit the runway in the Brasserie Gabrielle themed Chanel show. Poppy Delevigne, Florence Welch were among the dope front-rowers. Sheer dresses and plate-shape purses stole the whole show. Order up!

2. The Blue steel is back at Valentino
Derek Zoolander and Hansel in the middle of a walk off competition at Valentino. The surprise appearance made everybody jump from their seats and join the massive euphoria at the closure of the runway. Fashion is fun!

3. Kim K wears bad outfit choices
During the entire Paris Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian did some wrong not to say questionable outfit choices. It is hard to understand if she lost her stylist and push herself to dress up...yes, by her own - anyway thumbs down to the newly blonde Kim K.

4. Goldie
From naked groins to gold leaf faces that reminded me a mix between 3PO and a priest, Mister Rick Owens is definitively an entertainer.

5. That Hurts!
Ricardo Tisci used as inspiration the Victorian Cholas for his AW 2015. The oversized faux facial piercings left everybody uneasy in their seats. Gothic embellishments over victorian prints.

6. Oh my Lorde
Yes, yes. That's Lorde! The New Zealand starlet style/wardrobe transformation wowed us. Beautiful brown locks paired with pastel tones at the Chloè fashion show.

7. Diaries of a platinum blonde
Well, if somebody can steal the Kardashian spotlight in the media that is Jared Leto. Slicked back and platinum blonde, Let showed up at Balmain's Paris fashion week. Apparently the Malfoy style is back!

8. Margiela Horror Story
Galliano sent hunchbacked models down the runway with their makeup exaggerated and highlighted with fluorescent tones. Model Aneta Pajak says it was one of the best shows of her life!

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