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The Skort trend: meet Black Lab

THE SKORT TREND: meet Black Lab

The current state of men's fashion is utterly numbing. In the past, trends lasted for decades which made menswear more homogeneous and with a low capacity of evolution. If we take all the "classic" menswear brands that prevail nowadays such as Dior, Armani, Burberry and make a quick revision on their current collections, we will see comments on how revolutionary, bold or refreshing the creative director has been. Modern days and the fast-paced fashion industry demands new ways to reinvent yourself, to be bold, to be creative - and with that, a sense of acceptance and adaptation. Androgyny is one of the 2015 themes in fashion. Check Prada's new ad, Andrea Pejie the transgender model or the most-talked subject that surfaced in the internet a couple of weeks ago: Caitlin Jenner. Menswear is branching out for good and accelerating its evolution rate. Today's topic is about the Men's skirt or Skort and how Black Lab, a menswear Colombian brand which is challenging the tough and conservative colombian society to expand the boundaries in men's fashion. // El estado de arte de la moda masculina es un generador de bostezos. En el pasado las tendencias solían durar por decadas lo que hacía que la moda masculina se homogenizara y con una poca capacidad de evolución. La actualidad y la siempre tan cambiante industria de la moda demanda nuevas formas de reinventar, de ser arriesgado y ser creativo - y con esto, una forma de aceptación y adaptación. La androginidad es uno de los temas icónicos del 2015. Miren el nuevo ad de Prada, o la modela androgina Andrea Pejie o el gran tema de Caitlin Jenner. La moda masculina se está ramificando por suerte y acelarando su tasa de evolución. El tema del día sera sobre la falda para hombre o Skort, y como Black Lab, una marca colombiana de ropa, está desafiando la sociedad conservadora para expandir las fronteras de la moda masculina. 

Men have worn skirts throughout the history. Greeks and Romans - they always knew best about male worship - developed different "tunics" in their daily outfit. Showing your legs was a symbol of masculinity and virility, being the gladiator skirt the best example for this. More than a century past by when the men's skirt was replaced by beautiful suits. In 1985, Gaultier introduced man-skirts causing shock and criticism with no success in catching on the trend. All the obscuring period led to 2003 where Andrew Bolton curated the exposition Braveheart: men and skirts for the metropolitan museum. "The first thing people think about when you see a male in skirt is their genitalia and then the exposed legs, and all together gives that sense of masculine sexual presence. It shouldn't be something exclusively of the female attire". Kanye West, Diddy, Marc Jacobs, Gerard Butler among other celebrities and designers are incorporating the skort into the daily outfit; additionally, 2015 runways are synchronizing with this new current of breaking the masculine and feminine silhouette in clothing. As Leandra Medina from Manrepeller.com said "Gender may not binary or inflexible as once was assumed, a silhouette that is masculine or feminine no longer needs to be tied to someone who identifies as much".
Black Lab brings out the mysterious and versatile side in the man with their unique pieces with stylish details embedded in black. Black Lab is a laboratory where Debbie Villamizar and Daniel abril are all about pushing the boundaries in the man aesthetics.  Check their work HERE!

As long as the society keeps defining what is right to do, skirts will be related to femininity. Let's remember: it took a women a long time women to start wearing pants...perhaps there's still future to men's skirt. 

“The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.”

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  2. What a statement making black lab for men's clothing! I wouldn't expect anything less from you. Amazing!