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Mr Pizazz [Colombiamoda] Looks

Mr Pizazz

Nobody knows how hard and stressful a three-days-condensed fashion week - like Colombia Fashion Week- can be! It was a little bit bold of me to dress out with different colombian brands and trends in just three days. It took me a monumental use of lockers and quick Superman Changes in the bathroom during the day. Here, my favorite picks from one of the most iconic fashion weeks in Latin America:

Nadie sabe lo dificil y estresante que puede resultar una semana de la moda condensada en tres días como Colombiamoda. Aunque fue muy audaz de mi vestirme con diferentes marcas colombianas de indumentaria masculina en tres días, implicó un esfuerzo de muchos lockers y muchos cambios durante el día. A continuación alguno de los outfits que captaron diferentes lentes:

1. Inspired in Chanel, Designed by Dauphin de la Mode: This design, composed by clean and defined lines, is inspired by the formal attire the infantry uses. An elegant and sober alternative for the two piece suit.

2. Denim all the way by Carlos Nieto: the double denim trend is rising in the stores and so the questions around use it or not. Carlos Nieto latest trend was all about denim head-to-toe including vests. I proved that this hard-to-deal-with trend was sorted with elegance in the tremendous heat.

3. Think Pink by JUAN: The beautiful Pink jumper created in collaboration with ComesCake is a must-have. The color palette was pastels and neutral colors which accompanied the baby-blue stripped loafers and black skinny jeans. The framed glasses gave the outfit a more preppy look.

4. All-in-one by Express, New Balance and Ana Maria Escobar: this look was the hardest to pull off. Three major trends: Poncho, Sneakers and cropped suit all in one. However, it felt really different and unique. The beautiful old navy satin suit by express was glorious. The fitting was impeccable from top to bottom. The contrasting colors of my new balance with a crazy BnW stripped poncho gave the whole outfit the final touch.

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