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Should guys use the "Estee Lauder's New Dimension" ?

The grooming section is officially open. MrPizazz is here to talk out and about all the beauty and grooming products out there for guys - or at least products we like to use.

While I was trying to consume my september Vogue during my flight to Panama, I saw the huge and new Estee Lauder's New Dimension product ad with Eva Mendez covering all the page. This is one of the biggest launching for the brand since 1982. Let's break this article in two parts: First, the beauty shift this year and second why guys are so into it.

This year is all about cheekbones. The bigger the cheekbones, the bigger the chances to become a model. Sorta. Great dimensions are the new shift in skincare and we know how important a great angle is when it comes to a photography - or a selfie. Estee Lauder's new dimension will give you a more defined looking facial contours in less than 2 weeks. The serum works in three different ways: Volume (hyaluronic acid),  Structure (pro-collagen complex) and Definition (elastin and fibronectin). It basically shape and fill. Now every angle become your best angle!

Afraid of use it? I have to tell from my own experience that the serum has sorted incredible effects on my skin leaving it natural-looking and with a beautiful glow. If the serum provides a better dimension of my face, I am still waiting for the results; but in the meantime I am number one fan of the healthier and more natural skin effects on the skin.

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