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Milan Fashion Week SS/2015: Versace

Day #1 
Milan Fashion Week SS 2015


Welcome to the Cuban Toga Party that Donatella Versace threw in Milan. Well, where to start? the italian designer made a collage of inspirations! Donatella mixed the ancient greek with a modern rock-and-roll vibe and some guayabera Havana style, but keeping in her mind that WE like to feel sexy and nonchalant. With the first model stomping the runway wearing pink from head to toe switching to netfish shirts worn with jackets and a proper pair of shiny sandals, Versace is shouting out that the rule number one for summer 2015 is to feel confident to wear one of her pieces. And I mean it, those very-revealing Toga bathing suits embracing the Versace logo are not for everyone. Sport suits were always present in a light palette of pastel colors with cropped tight pants and appropriate matchy loafers. And accessories didn't get overlooked: from shell necklaces and gold chains to pink totes and beach towels, Donatella Versace definitively got the right Cuban inspiration to get it done masterfully!

My five-stars pick was the very cool leather jackets with vivacious colors and beach doodles all over! It's going to be a shopping war to get one of those!

Source of pictures: style.com

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