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It's a Yacht, Yacht, Yacht World!

It's a Yacht, Yacht World

Marc By Marc Jacobs Dice Necklace, J. Crew Cotton Beach Sweater In Navy Stripe, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Terrible Enfant Leather Shoes, H&M White Pants

Massachusetts posses certain pizazz that leaves you dumbfounded, no matter the season or the weather you can always be awed beyond words. It has been a lay-back and delightful summertime after the long-lasting winter in MA and what a better way to start off but going to the beach, having some cocktails on the deck and watching the sunset on the yacht. If you don't have one -I don't, no worries- sit anywhere and fix your gaze at the horizon So, navy blue stripes in a yacht? ground breaking (I know!) but so appropriate to the occasion. Triple Monk-straps shoes make the whole difference in the outfit, the most unfamiliar design can be an instant classic. It's the difference between a party-goer and the owner of the boat. Accessorize it, a pair of shades and uncork the bottle!

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