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Summertime Blues

Zara Aqua lime bag, M:Zero by Melissa stone suede shoes, H&M blue iris shorts, ZARA polka-dots shirt and belt.

Yes, it's the favorite season of all the spornosexuals (see definition) and shorts-addicts out there, and I'm going to kick it off soaking up the sun in the beach. After a careful carrots-and-water diet and the correct SPF all over my face and arms, I decided I would go for a couple of pictures to secure once more a couple of visits in my blog (a few indeed!). Snapping here and there, voilà, some decent pictures to post! Hoping on the car with some friends that arrived later, we rode to the nearest private beach. I won't mention the place, I'll just leave some xxx to avoid creating the urgency of "google it" and hence deviate your attention from my post. Describing the place would be like some other Saramago novel, full of descriptions and zero clue of the final image, but I can tell you it was pleasant to set the beach chairs in the hot sand and hear nothing but the few waves crashing in the shore. Did I take some pictures? No, if you want to see it through a little digital screen just "google it" -the urgency again-, I bet there are tons of pictures in the net. Nature is for live action!. Anyway, although be a Wildling (yeah, Game of thrones slang) is not my thing, I was so glad I wore my PVC/rubber-like shoes that kept my feet ventilated and comfortable to walk in the rocky areas. Not to mention you can wash them easily!!!!

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