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Paris Fashion Week SS/2015: Dries Van Noten

D A Y 2

Finally! I wanted to write about this soooo badly. Dries Van Noten Menswear SS 2015! "I'm know for color and embroideries" said once the Belgian Designer, and certainly He still is known for that. This time DVN decided to envision the modern male as more sensual and uncomplicated, leaving behind the eclectic aura that always accompanied his designs. In other words: more skin. Bared torsos were a must in this runway, the reason: unbuttoned silken shirts, pronounced V necked tops and flowing silk dusters   - that also I would use as Pijamas. Matching these alluring tops, diverse comfortable loose-fitting pants and shorts in earthy and neutral tones (i.e. cactus green, caramel, navy blue) created the perfect summer outfit. However, being honest, baggy pants and silk shirts are a very usual combo? so, What's all the fuss about?. Well, first of all, THE embroidery jacket hanging from their left shoulder and second of all, the ballerina-like shoes. I could never wear one of those but DVN's research on ballet costumes with the choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker combined with a great sartorial design, made all these clothing pieces fit in a harmonious runway. 

Source of the pictures: Style.com

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