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Forever De la Renta

Forever... De la Renta

PROTOTYPE coat, ZARA scarf and green pant, TERRIBLE ENFANT triple monkstrapped shoes, DIOR white shirt

It felt like Burberry autumn/winter 2014. Leaves on the floor and in every sidewalk tiles. It felt like you had to cover yourself up with layers of clothes otherwise you'll chill to the bone. The winter was ending with an autumnal breeze, letting the spring-flowering shrubs bloom away. Sorry for all the invasion-of-adjectives ambience, that's how it feels sometimes that adjectives seem not enough and specificities scape from your lines. My post will be deviated to remember in this agitated October to one of world's renowned designer. Oscar de la Renta was one of the first names I memorized when I was reading the "heavy" magazines from the kiosk - that kind of name that sounded even better than slurring "amouse-bouche". Lanvin and Balenciaga apprentice, Oscar revolutionized fashion world and captured women sighs on his creations and impetuous reaction when a "De la Renta"couture was involved. I personally inspired most if not all my fashion shootings in his voluminous clothes, exquisite embroidery and vibrant colors that were synonyms of him. Remember the hot pink dress Carrie Bradshaw wore in Sex and the city or the fantastic embroidery fall 2010 gown wore by Cameron Diaz at the Oscars? Sublime! "He is a rockstar" as Anna Wintour said, He is and will be a genius, an artist and a gentleman.

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