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Strutting down the street


JCREW blue shirt, AY NOT DEAD skinny jeans, TERRIBLE ENFANT camo shoes, RAYBAN sunglasses

November flew by and MrPizazz.net stop for a while. It has been a hard month for all our team and we know fashion world keeps changing in paramount steps. From Solange Knowles stunning wedding photos, a super-oiled Kim Kardashian breaking the internet to Pharrell and Cara teaming up for Chanel.      The past few days I have been enjoying myself in sunny Buenos Aires. People have asked me what it is like to be in christmas season in the south hemisphere, Party and more party is my answer. It also means Polo, Parties nearby the river, cocktails at sunset, pool parties in every corner and non-stop sales! Party, i mean Period. However, when it comes to fashion the always-loved summer month can be a double-edge weapon for fashionistas out there. Here is my statement: the lesser of clothes, the harder to pick the right ones. You always have to bet for fresher and comfortable clothes which adds a little more difficulty to match appropriate outfits. It's not a mystery for sure, but you can still see HUGE fail attempts wandering in the street -with armpit stains the size of Europe- during summertime. MrPizazz will focus on bringing the best outfits and parties in the coming radiant months. Get ready for the Xmas renovation!

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  1. Reading blogs like this is my current hobby, i love your dressing and photography. I will definitely be looking forward to more posts from you.

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