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MrPizazz Xmas Wishlist

On my 4th day of Christmas Santa Lagerfeld gave to me: four Prada totes, three Kelly bags, two Louboutins, and a Chanel 4.55….” Or so it goes the famous Christmas carol. Every year we collect these items in our heads, weather we let them go at the site of the shop display while window shopping, or at the Mr.Porter cart, the hope still lingers that these objects will end bellow our Christmas trees. Although some of these objects mentioned before are very much far out of my reach, there are some awesome items you can get if you are Colombia-bound:

1. Reebok tennis shoes (@reebokcolombia)
2. Breath glasses (@breatheartdesign)
3. Loopzu lobster socks (@loopzu)
4. Burberry red plaid tie (@burberry)
5. Burberry plaid and hearts scarf (@burberry)
6. Fazzoletto handkerchief (@fazzoletto_official)

7. Tiffany T bracelet (@tiffanylatam)
8. Sebastian Jaramillo Skull Bracelets (@sebasjarapa)
9. Loopzu umbrella socks 
10. Carolina Herrera polka-dot suit (@houseofherrera)
11. Tiffany 1837 tag pendant (@tiffanylatam)
12. Syou tennis shoes (@_Syou)
13. Soloio cufflinks (@soloiomoda)

14. Loopzu Beach Ball Socks
15. Burberry Plaid and Polka Dot Scarf
16. Salvatore Ferragamo Cognac Shoes (@ferragamo)
17. Burberry Plaid Tie (@burberry)
18. Lina Cantillo Cape (@collectionbylina)
19. Breathe Sunglasses (@breatheartdesign)
20. CH Prive perfume (@larivieracolombia)
21 Louis Vuitton Wallet  (@louisvuitton)

Special thanks to all the brands for the images and Mauricio Cobos Monico for piling them up in a cool collage!

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